…not if you do not have a contingency plan! Your emergency planning should include building a highly engaged local loyal customer base to market to when you are doing business in a tourist destination like Puerto Vallarta, and the tourists stop showing up. The most important place to start is knowing who your customers truly are. Simply put, we are talking about “Client Data” – who they are, how often they visit, how long they spend in your business and where they live.

Once you know who your customers are, and their patterns, you can save yourself the anxiety of unexpected downturns by laser targeting locals and your most loyal customers using InsiderWiFi.com social hotspot marketing. Our solution will set you apart from your competitors by saving thousands of pesos in marketing expenses with a simple device connected to your existing WiFi connection. When customers login in there is no need to provide a password as they login securely, while supplying your business with their information to enjoy free browsing. That information is “Gold” and the value is incalculable.

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