Interview with PV digital data expert – how to beat the Pandemic

Interview with PV digital data expert – how to beat the Pandemic

Like most business owners during the Pandemic you may have felt helpless. Bills, employees, rents, etc.;  all which created even more uncertainty.  No one in today’s business climate planned for this global disaster. It’s not only impacted your business now, but also adjusting to what the “new normal” will look like when you do re-open.

“The future and “new normal” does not have to be cloaked in 

fear and uncertainty with careful planning and assistance

 from a company like”

Pre-Corona virus pandemic, most small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s) have likely been complacent and believed that regular social media postings were sufficient in messaging to their customers. The days when the economy was simply booming and revenues took care of themselves are over. It’s going to take much more careful planning, communication and budgeting.  Every marketing dollar needs to go further, and monitoring the return on investment of any marketing activity and customer messaging will differentiate those businesses who are able to survive and flourish in this new environment.   


The future and “new normal” does not have to be cloaked in fear and uncertainty with careful planning and assistance from a company like

InsiderWiFi (IW) is Banderas Bay’s premier social WiFi provider; owned and operated by Terry Bagley and Nicole Rodekuhr.  We sat down with COO Nicole Rodekuhr and asked her to share some insights as to how their company is building marketing campaigns both during and post pandemic. 

“Communication is key and central to all that we do for our existing clients.

Q:  Nicole as COO of Insider WiFi (IW) what do you believe is core to your existing business and client solutions?

Nicole: Communication is key and central to all that we do for our existing clients.  Our business is all about client data collection and using that data to communicate effectively with our clients’ customers.  

Q: What is Insider WiFi’s business model exactly – do you provide WiFi?

Nicole: We are not a WiFi provider – the WiFi is really the means to collect customer data and communicate with customers.  We use the existing WiFi provider already onsite and install our branded WiFi hotspots in our clients businesses.   When accessed by customers – our system captures their name, email and tracks their use patterns – how often they come, how long they stay etc.  We are also able to add custom information important to each business, such as where they live – so that in a tourist destination like Banderas Bay, businesses can segment out and target locals vs. tourists with different messaging.  

Q:  That seems easy – no forms to fill out.  But how do you protect privacy?

Nicole:  Great question!  Most importantly, the WiFi itself is secure with end to end encryption – so without getting into the technical stuff – whenever a business gives you a universal login that is the same for all customers – this is NOT a secure system and opens up the business as well as customers to hacking.  I’m not trying to scare anyone, but just be aware and never do anything like entering passwords, financial transactions and such on these networks.  As for privacy – we have terms & conditions, a robust privacy policy, do not sell data, and do not SPAM.  In addition, users can opt out at any time. 

“You can’t take a LIKE to the bank” 

Q:  Good to know, I will no longer be checking my bank accounts at my local coffee shop!  Let’s talk about social media like Facebook & Instagram.  I see a lot of businesses posting updates on these platforms – isn’t this a good way to communicate with customers? 

Nicole:   As you know, posting to social media usually only reaches a small number of your most prolific fans (of course, my mom likes all my posts!) and I know we each have tons of friends that we never see their content. Have you heard the expression… You can’t take a LIKE to the bank?  Having followers and likes is great, and most businesses do need to maintain an active social media presence to stay relevant, but having 7000 likes and followers doesn’t mean everyone’s getting the message.  The algorithms are always changing, and unless a business has a large advertising budget and is willing to pay for boosting and advertising, you really have no control over who sees your content.  

Email is much more targeted and is absolutely our communication method of choice, as we can choose exactly who receives which messages and track effectiveness through opens, clicks, and redemption rates reporting.  And it’s in essence FREE (as part of our basic services).     

“Email… is absolutely our communication method of choice.”

Q: So what’s the sales pitch?  How does Insider WiFi offer a better solution?

Nicole: We use strategically and automated email marketing campaigns. With sophisticated tracking software, we know who’s received the message, when it was opened and a lot of other valuable insight to customer behavior. All of this will result in retaining loyal customers, acquiring new ones and increased revenues. In fact, we are so certain of our service we offer a 100% return on your investment.  

Q: Can you give us specific examples of how you’ve been helping your clients’ businesses stay afloat during this crazy time?

Nicole: Absolutely! Here it is in a nutshell… Most of our customers remained open with limited in house seating and to-go business only. Because of our pre-C-19 activities, every client has an email database consisting of hundreds for our newer clients, and thousands for those who have been collecting WiFi data with us longer.

“During the quarantining we have been implementing 

campaigns that keep brand awareness top of mind for our 

clients customers with strategically targeted emails.”  

We continued to add to these email lists, even though in store visits were way down.  Some locations gathered data from  3-5  new logins each day averaging ninety (90) per month using our wifi solution, while customers were eating in if available, or waiting for the to go orders.  Though this was a fraction of what they captured prior to the downturn, it is still positive growth.  We also saw in our analytics a key group of loyal clients visiting these locations multiple times per week, since many businesses were closed – this is valuable data we used to understand the CORE local customer base and also to THANK them for their loyalty and reward them and keep them coming even more often.  

During the quarantining we have been implementing campaigns that keep brand awareness top of mind for our clients customers with strategically targeted emails.

“…little known feature about our software is 

that we can even analyze outside foot traffic.”

Depending on a client’s situation, our messaging includes 1) Thanks for visiting and asking for a review. 2) Welcome back and thank you for returning.   3. If they haven’t returned for an extended period it  triggers another email inviting them back 3) relevant announcements regarding changes to menu, operation hours and other specials offers.

Another little known feature about our software is that we can even analyze outside foot traffic. This is going to be particularly important as the economy is in recovery.  While other businesses will be guessing, we literally know how many people passed by these locations on a daily/hourly basis: Pre- Covid 19, currently, and as we move forward.  We are seeing an average of a 72% decrease just in passers-by during this lock down – which of course makes sense.  But what is amazing, is we will also be able to judge the speed and strength of traffic recovery as businesses re-open fully. 

“…100% guarantee that we will grow your business 

beyond the level to cover our fees.” 

Q: So what do you charge for this service?

Nicole: Each client has different needs and we charge based on the best features for the client based on existing and future business needs. We do offer a trial program that includes basic messaging campaigns for $2315 pesos per month, with 100% guarantee that we will grow your business beyond the level to cover our fees. Try that with print media!  …where you know how many copies they print; NOT environmentally friendly and you have no idea how many copies end up in your customer’s hands or in trash cans.  That basic service price I mentioned covers the most common campaigns and features, obviously large venues with multiple access points would be more.  Many of our clients start with the basic plan and upgrade over time as their database and budget grows to include additional features and campaigns.  

Q: What should someone do if they want to know more about using your services?

Nicole: Simply schedule a demo.  We can come to you at your convenience or do a quick online chat.  Seeing the system in action is the key – Most of our clients understand the tremendous value of our services with a quick 10 minute demo. It’s that easy!

I can be reached at or call us at 52 322 102 9408 or 322 159 2428.  We are local in Bucerias and have clients from Punta Mita to Conchas Chinas, all over Banderas Bay, the US and the Philippines.  Check out our website:

Photo by mohamed hassan from PxHere


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